The Company

Who we are

Voicetelemedia is active in the field of Audiotex, Voice Services (IVR) and Short Text Messaging (SMS) through OTE networks, alternative fixed and mobile carriers.

Provides on a 24-hour basis a wide range of information and communication and entertainment services through state-of-the-art systems that support interactive voice and text messaging services.

Kaldare's goal is to provide high quality services that fully meet the changing needs of the modern market. Continuous investment in technology and human resources ensures efficient and flexible services provided directly through a solid and modern infrastructure.

H Our company is staffed by people with extensive experience in the field, where they are distinguished by seriousness and professionalism, managing in a short time to show off the company as a leader in the provision of modern telecommunication solutions and interactive applications.

As a tele-information & bidirectional communications company in Greece, it has to demonstrate effective partnerships with major media, telecommunications operators and international companies.

Kaldare's services are the most appropriate and effective way for two-way communication between businesses, organizations and organizations with customers and customers.